About this blog

I’m a venture scientist constantly looking for ideas that can improve society. I’m the CEO and cofounder of Waverly where we’re building a discovery engine for your better self. Prior to that I co-founded Element AI and was a software engineer at Google.

My waves

Waves tell Waverly what you really care about so you can craft your ideal content platform. Feel free to steal mine and tweak them to your liking.

This blog contains short posts diving into ideas that are important to me. These mostly revolve around my journey to build technology for our better selves at Waverly. If you’re curious about this in particular, that introduction post is the best place to start or you can browse through all of the posts.

The posts you’ll find here are not only about Waverly though. I also talk about the future of work, academic research, software engineering, product design, mathematics… Every week I publish a list of 5 interesting things I found via Waverly.

I believe in a calmer, less noisy reading experience and that’s what I’m going for. For example, you’ll notice I use images only when they add value.

I love discussing around the posts I share here. If you want to jump in, you can easily find the place where these conversations happen on my Twitter, LinkedIN or Facebook.

Looking forward to the exchange!