Waverly Monthly Update — December 2022

Launch and iterate. If you’ve never heard it, it’s the motto of most modern startups. (Moving fast and breaking things is a bit less popular these day.)

So that’s what we’re doing… And you can help us, big time!

If you care about the mission of Waverly, if you love the product, if you dream of a future where we are in charge of our algorithms, then please help us launch in the US. It’s easy to do:

  1. Create an account on Product Hunt today*.
    It’s one click with a Google account.
  2. Go to our Product Teaser Page and click Notify Me
  3. On Dec. 13, go to our launch page and show your support.
    You’ll be notified by email.

The best way to support Waverly, on Dec. 13, is by writing a comment explaining why you care about us, what you love about the app, how you see it evolving…

Nurturing thoughtful conversations about a positive future for algorithms is what we’re all about and Product Hunt is a perfect place to advance that mission.

📈 Usage-wise the stats are also showing our Canadian launch was a big success:

  • 9.7% compounded month-over-month growth in weekly active users (1y rolling average)
  • 16.1% compounded month-over-month growth in number of cards seen daily (1y rolling average)

Next steps, you ask? We’re excited to be starting a seed funding round in January. We’ve had many great conversations with important mission-aligned investors in the past month and I can’t wait to launch the process. This is always a stressful time for startup entrepreneurs, so wish us luck!

There’s so many of you on this mailing list, whenever I hit send on one of these emails it warms my heart. Thanks for being there, for the good words you regularly send my way, and for your continued support.