Waverly Monthly Update — October 2022

Today is a big day for Waverly. Our biggest day ever, in fact…

We’re launching!

That’s right. Waverly is now officially available on the Apple AppStore and all your friends can install it. Just tell them to search for Waverly on the store, or you can send them here.

Two great articles if you want to learn more about Waverly, both the product and our philosophy. In BetaKit by Meagan Simpson and en français in Le Devoir, by Alain McKenna. Yoshua Bengio also wrote about us.

It’s a big day, also, because we’re announcing our partnership with Phar, a Montreal-based company specializing in Market Intelligence. Phar will help us deliver Waverly for Business — which you definitely want for your organization as it gives you:

  • private waves for your teams ;
  • expert support for wave creation ;
  • continuous prompt engineering by supercurators ;
  • weekly insights digest ; and more…

This really takes Waverly to the next level! Interested? You can get started here!


Oh… And and we have a cool new feature too! (You wouldn’t expect us to slack off just because we had a launch to prepare, right? 😉)
Now every public wave comes with a URL you can share with anyone so they can keep up with the great articles your wave finds on any web browser. That’s right, you no longer need an iPhone or an account to browse through a wave!

🧠 Understanding Consciousness, a wave on the web, by Yoshua Bengio.

Here are some examples of waves-on-the-web :

Want to find the URL of your favorite wave? It’s still a somewhat hidden feature but drop me an email and I’ll give you the link. 😉

Phew! That was an intense month. I can’t tell you how much your support has been instrumental in giving us the energy to get where we are. Thanks for being awesome, and let’s make Waverly awesome together!