Waverly Monthly Update — September 2022

Hi !

I took a short writing break this summer, but I’m happy to be back!

The team was very busy in the last few months. We’ve been polishing Waverly to make it ready for our upcoming Apple AppStore release. We’ve settled on a date for the release and I’ll give you all the details as we get closer.

Above is a screenshot of one new feature from the latest release: you can now see your friends’ faces on cards. Curators — those who mark an article as fit/unfit for a wave — now appear on each card, with the first curator getting the coveted first checkmark.

I know a lot of people following this newsletter are Android users, or dream of connecting to Waverly from their computer. We’re not there yet, as our small team decided to optimize the experience on a single platform first. Still, don’t hesitate to nag me. It’s great to hear your enthusiasm, even if it makes me feel we can’t deliver everything we wish we could.

So, what about running a startup? As previously mentioned, we’re now firmly committed to building the best content delivery platform for professionals. Waverly is already being used by people and organizations who want to track trends, understand their market, see what their competitors are up to, etc. We feel it’s a place where our AI really shines and it allows us to execute towards our north star: an assistant you can trust and control using everyday language.

Our updated website reflects that positioning. Please take a look at it and send us your feedback.

As always, it’s a great pleasure to feel your support. Thanks again for being a part of the Waverly journey, and never hesitate to send me your feedback — I read every email. You’d like to meet in person? I’ll be at C2 and MTL Connect, let’s hang out!