Waverly Monthly Update — July 2022

Lots of exciting things to share in the last month…

First, we officially graduated from the Creative Destruction Lab (CDL)! There were 20 startups like ours at the starting line*, 8 months ago, and only 4 of us made it all the way to the end. What a journey! We have the whole CDL team and our mentors to thank for some of the big leaps we’ve made recently, including our new go-to-market strategy.

Our new direction is rooted in the feedback we got from our raving users — those who open Waverly multiple times a week and browse more than 500 articles a month. These users all come from the business world. They are consultants, analysts, or content creators who use Waverly to track trends, perform desk research and find inspiration on things that matter to them and their customers.

You’ll therefore see us doubling down on these use cases. We want Waverly to be the best modern platform for professionals who need to track information — about a specific topic, a domain, competitors… As long as you can express what you need to know in plain English, Waverly will be able to help you.

Typical market intelligence tools are complex and require extensive training. Not Waverly. Thanks to our reliance on natural language, Waverly will remain both powerful and easy to use. We’ve designed it from the ground up to be a modern platform that can be used by anyone. It is therefore ideal for spreading important knowledge throughout an organization and for gathering the feedback of your insightful employees.

Stay tuned, and thanks  for being a part of the Waverly journey.