Waverly monthly update — June 2022

Where do insights come from? I care about this question more and more everyday. I care because that’s what Waverly has grown into: a machine for finding and refining the best insights.

Our most active users rely on Waverly to help them step outside of the beaten track. To seek content that will stimulate their imagination in a way that matters to them, to their work, to their customers.

So, where do insights come from? The seed of insights can come from anywhere. A Slack conversation, a video you stumbled upon, an old browser tab you randomly clicked on. Anything could trigger that little light bulb in your head.

But that’s only the seed, what about the insight itself? It comes from nurturing that seed. Finding that passage from an article that’s particularly relevant to you. Discussing it with your colleagues. Finding other related ideas and connecting them together.

You can now share anything to Waverly!

With Waverly, we want to embrace the fact that the seed of insights can come from anywhere. Our pioneers will soon discover, in the upcoming release, our Share to Waverly feature. A way to send whatever you find — an article, a podcast, a video — into Waverly so that you can nurture it and turn it into a valuable insight.

It’s not like any bookmarking feature: our goal is to give you the full power of Waverly’s recommender system. As a first step, our AI will automatically suggest a Wave to attach the link to. As we develop Waverly, though, we’ll add more and more ways for Waverly to help you and your community nurture these little seeds into insights that matter to you.

Stay tuned, and thanks  for being a part of the Waverly journey.