Waverly Monthly Update — May 2022

The thrill of the search. Building something you believe in, working towards a vision — an ideology recently said one of our mentors — is at once exciting and anxiety-inducing. You’ll hear most startup founders say as much.

Personally, I wouldn’t trade this for anything.

Navigating the choppy waters of the early startup ocean has recently led us to a promising new opportunity. Not a pivot per se, but a way to use our platform and technology to help enterprises solve a problem they all face in a way that builds on their greatest asset: their people.

We’re not quite ready to lift the veil on this. However, if your team shares links on slack, or if you’re in a leadership position and feel your employees are experts at sensing what’s out there, please reach out to me. I’d love to hear from bold organizations who are eager to embrace new approaches for understanding the world that matters to them.

What a Waverly Quote Deck looks like when you share it.
You can to browse through the selected quotes.

In the meantime, the platform keeps on moving forward by leaps and bounds. We recently released Quote Decks: a way for you to share a beautiful mobile-friendly deck that captures why you found an article interesting. Here’s one I created in a few taps from my iPhone. You can browse it from any device, just click on the image.

Again, let me personally thank you for being a part of the Waverly journey.