Humans are not Pixels

Grateful that the world is made of more than pixels…

This week the entire Waverly team convened in Montréal. It was good. Really good. I wanted to share the story.

We started and grew Waverly during the pandemic. Which means we hired pixelated faces and then met these pixels daily in little Zoom squares.

Because it was the pandemic we decided to hire the best possible people (sticking to a single time zone & country). It means our small team now spans from Rimouski to Windsor.

In the past year we built a never seen before technology — the world’s first natural language based recommendation system — and we managed to package it in a POC mobile app. No small feat. Yet most of us had never been in the same room together.

We fixed that bug.

This week we spent time in our Montréal office coding together. We took walks across Montréal’s delightfully sunny plateau neighborhood to design the product. We ate arepas on picnic tables, we played board games that made us die in laughter, we mixed Aman’s (our Windsor software engineer) special Chai mix from raw ingredients…

We jumped out of the pixel world to be humans together.

This week I rediscovered a bunch of little things I would not have celebrated before but that made me realize the importance of apparently mundane moments. In the words of one of my favourite song from Bénabar: “Le bonheur ça s’trouve pas en lingots, mais en petite monnaie.” — you won’t find happiness in a gold bar, but in pocket change.

I want to say it again. I’m grateful the world is made of flesh and blood humans, not pixels. I’ll be starting next week full of renewed energy knowing not only that we’re building an important product for the world, but that we’re doing it as a team of humans I deeply care about. A team that reinforces, for me, this undying belief that people are good and that we need more tools to help that goodness shine.