The Need for a Strong Independent Press

Why do we need a strong independent press?

Today my New York Times Morning had two pieces of investigative journalism that are essential at helping me understand the world:

Police Say an Antifa Activist Likely Shot at Officers. His Gun Suggests Otherwise.

Investigators said that Michael Reinoehl probably opened fire before officers killed him last year. But some key evidence raises questions about that conclusion.

By Mike Baker and Evan Hill, New York Times

At least 300,000 more people died in Russia last year than were reported in official statistics.

Russia’s official coronavirus death toll is 102,649, a number that supports President Vladimir Putin’s contention that the country has managed the virus better than most. But a Times analysis shows that deaths in Russia last year were 28 percent higher than normal — an increase in mortality greater than in the U.S. and most countries in Europe.

By Anton Troianovski, New York Times

Our current discovery tools (essentially social media) are really bad at encouraging that type of journalism, to the point where even excellent journalists feel compelled to adjust their content so that it is more naturally picked up by our algorithms.

What if your discovery engine allowed you to indicate that you care very much about that kind of high quality investigative journalism? With Waverly you could.