Finding a Friend You Don’t Know Yet

You know that feeling when you stumble on a like-minded person? Today I “discovered” Tariq Krim, founder of Jolicloud and more recently

In a post written in 2016, Tariq expresses with astonishing clarity some of the principles that are driving my quest with Waverly. He wrote this as he was feeling adrift. “The uncomfortable truth is that I fell out of love with the technology world and that I am not excited by the future anymore. At least the future that is being built today.” I’ve felt like that too…

Chosen excerpts:

I truly believe that the offline world treated with much more respect subcultures than the digital world. Mega platforms have become the mac donald’s of the minds.

Today, it’s really hard to accept the fact that the machine should decide what’s important for me. Because as good as the algorithms are, they are black boxes with very little control over them.

Most of the tools I have in my phone can’t help me enjoy the present time. Because none of them live in the present. For one simple reason. On the Internet of today, the past or the present are not interesting . The new gold rush is about dominating the near future.

I wish something different could come up. A sort of Slow web that is to technology what slow food is to processed things.

I feel it’s time to build this and for that I want to stop drifting and get back to building products that make me love the future again.